Flipnote Hatena Ranking RSS Feeds


Flipnote Hatena Ranking RSS Feeds

Note on this document


This document describes RSS feeds providing rank data of the "Flipnote Ranking" of Flipnote Hatena / Ugomemo Hatena.

This API has been obsoleted as of May 31, 2013. This document is retained here for archive purpose only.

Outline of the Flipnote Hatena Ranking RSS Feeds

There are RSS 1.0 feeds providing rank data of Flipnote Hatena rankings. Accessing feeds using HTTP GET method, you can obtain ranking result data of specific term and type.

URLs of RSS feeds

RSS feeds of Flipnote Ranking are available at the URL like:


... where available combination of variables are described in following subsections. Note that calculation of the Flipnote Ranking might take some time and the RSS feeds would not be available until the calculation is done.

Term and date

Term and date of the ranking.

dailyYYYYMMDDDaily ranking
weeklyYYYYWWWeekly ranking
monthlyYYYYMMMonthly ranking
allNot specifiedAll-time ranking

... where YYYY is the year, MM is the 2-digit month (01 represents January), DD is the 2-digit day, and WW is the 2-digit week number (01 represents the first week in the year) of the ranking to retrieve.

Targets and mode

Targets and mode of the ranking.

movietotalOverall ranking
movieplayViews ranking
moviestarUser stars ranking
moviedownloadDownloads ranking
moviechildSub-clips ranking
authorNot specifiedCreators ranking
channelNot specifiedChannel ranking


Region of targets of the ranking.

0Japanese ranking
1Americas ranking
2European and Oceanian ranking
9Worldwide ranking


Language of the HTML data in the RSS feed. It does not affect the targets of the ranking.



Contents of RSS feeds

The Flipnote Ranking RSS feeds are encoded in RSS 1.0, where the item elements represent the ranked movies, creators, or channels in order. The content:encoded elements in the item elements is same as HTML fragments for the movies, creators, or channels contained in the HTML versions of the ranking.


  • 13 December 2010 Published
  • 31 May 2013 Obsoleted