Hatena Haiku RSS Feeds


Hatena Haiku RSS Feeds


This document describes URLs and formats of Hatena Haiku RSS feeds.

RSS feed URLs

RSS feeds have URLs such as:

  • http://h.hatena.com/.rss (Recent Entries)
  • http://h.hatena.com/album.rss (Album of Recent Entries)
  • http://h.hatena.com/{Hatena ID}/.rss (User page)
  • http://h.hatena.com/target.rss?word={Keyword}

HTML documents in the PC version of Hatena Haiku contain <link> element linking to the corresponding RSS feed, if available.


The following parameters can be specified in the query part of RSS feed URLs:

locale.langNew in Version 1.1 Language used for e.g. titles (en, en-gb, ja)At most one (1)Auto
pagePage number (Note that there are upper limit for the number of available pages.)At most one (1)1
sinceNew in Version 1.1 If specified, only newer entries than this timestamp is included in the feed. The timestamp MUST be specified in the so-called Unix time format.At most one (1)Unlimited

Format of RSS feeds

Feeds are available in RSS 2.0 format. Each item element represents an entry in Hatena Haiku, with following children:

dc:creator elementAuthor's Hatena ID
description elementBody (in HTML)
enclosure element, url attributeURL of the first image (if included)
link elementPermalink URL
title elementTitle of the keyword
pubDate elementPosted date


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